Bonjour Paris

No sleep, one ocean, two flights, and a three hour delay later I am finally headed to Toulouse to begin my study abroad program. Things I have learned in the past twenty four hours:

The French language is beautiful

Food in Charles de Gaulle is exponentially better than O’hare

Flights more than three hours long are not my friend

Into the Woods is an incredibly annoying film

The two kisses on the cheek is totally practiced here

And I’m surprised by the amount of French women I have seen wearing really nice outfits with tennis shoes

For any of you who talked to me before I left, you knew how terrified I was of flying over the ocean and traveling by myself in general. I’m happy to report that I made it just fine so far (with a little help through customs from a nice woman on my flight from the U.S.) and hope the rest of my travels run smoothly!


2 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris

  1. I am a friend of your mom’s. I did my last semester of college in Maastricht, Holland and LOVED it. I hope you have as wonderful experience as I did and you have many wonderful memories. Push your travel boundaries, you won’t regret it. Have a GREAT time!!!!!


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